UAB “Akmenas” is engaged in wholesale and retail sale of granite blocks and slabs. UAB “Akmenas” imports granite blocks from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Africa, Russia...We go to bring all raw materials ourselves, inspect them and select only the highest quality granite.We import granite which is suitable for our climatic conditions, preserves well in both hot and coldweather, and the colour of which does not fade.Granite blocks are cut by a diamond wire, that gives works a special quality. At a customer’srequest, slabs of desired thickness are cut from stone blocks.  The most popular is black granite Absolute black granite, which is suitable for all types of products,especially for monuments and grave decorations. Red granites Vanga and Aurora are also widelyused; green granite Baltic Green suits well for graves, exterior and interior finishing, and greypolished, burned granite Kuru grey is usually used for exterior and interior decoration elements.