Monument at first hand – cheap and reliable

UAB “Akmenas” is engaged in production, sale and delivery of monuments made of different types of granite and marble. The company also accepts orders for other stone products. 12 years of experience guarantee the highest quality of products and works performed. Clients usually place individual orders for monuments. In such cases qualified specialists will help each client to choose what he needs and design a new model according to his personal requests. During the whole period of designing and production our specialists closely cooperate with a client, trying to listen carefully to and understand the client’s needs in order to achieve the desired result. In order to get familiarized with the production of monuments on a broader and more professional level, we are interviewing Audrius Zykas, the Director of UAB “Akmenas”.

Does your company produce monuments or only resell them?

All products are produced by us. We are not re-sellers, so we can offer the best price and quality. Those who want to buy a monument at the cheapest price always apply directly to manufacturers and not to resellers who impose a mark-up, thus increasing the final price for a client.

Buyers who are looking for a monument often have little knowledge in this area. Do you have any specialists who can provide consultations and help them to make correct decisions?

Attentive, creative and highly skilled personnel of UAB “Akmenas” always help clients to make correct decisions and are happy to provide consultations on any issues regarding selection of a monument, installation and arrangement of a gravesite. We provide complete information about stone types, their advantages and disadvantages.

There are many different monument designing and production styles and monument shapes which are constantly changing. How does your company respond to these changes?

The range of products is constantly being updated in our company. During the year a lot of different new models are created. Even the most demanding client will find a suitable monument for a good price under the most favourable conditions.

How much does it cost to install a gravesite completely?

The gravesite installation price depends on many different factors such as terrain, type of a stone, size and shape of a monument, decoration materials, fences, flower beds, etc. Each case of gravesite installation is very individual and different, clients may have various requirements. In order to calculate the price we must know our client’s individual needs. If clients have any questions they should contact our managers. Our qualified employees will listen to you and help to find the best solution.

How much time does it take you to install a gravesite completely?

It depends on your choice. You may choose a ready-made monument or we may design and make a monument according to your individual order. In both cases works are carried out professionally and quickly, but in case of an individual order the process is longer.

What guarantees do you offer for your products and works performed?

Granite products marked with a special mark are covered by an open-ended guarantee. A 2-year guarantee is granted to concreting and installation works.

Do you accept orders outside of Samogitia?

Yes, we perform works all over Lithuania.

Can you produce a monument and install a gravesite according to a project presented by a customer?

Yes. As we have many years of experience in working with individual orders, we can produce monuments and carry out works according to a customer’s project. In addition, we perform 3D designing works.

Do you sell Chinese products?

Sale of Chinese products is incompatible with our company’s policy and is unacceptable. We do not sell and are not going to sell such products in the future.

Do you sell crushed stone?

Yes, we sell crushed stone of different types and colours, directly from suppliers. You can find and order our products at the newly opened showroom located at the address Sedos str. 16., near the supermarket "IKI". You can find crushed stone here as well.

Gravestones and gravesites are usually installed only when one year passes after the funeral. People avoid starting works earlier as they are afraid of soil collapse due to which a newly installed gravesite must be re-installed. Is such decision correct?

It is not necessary to wait a year after the funeral, because we apply monolithic concreting, i.e. concrete contains several rows of metal bars. A fence and a gravestone are not damaged in case of dug soil collapse.

Why Chinese products are not so good?

Chinese products are not suitable for our climatic conditions, the colour fades away.

What payment terms do you offer for those who purchase a gravestone and want to arrange a gravesite?

When placing orders for products, gravesite installation and arrangement works, clients have to make a partial advance payment. The remaining part of the order price must be paid after full completion of all works planned. For clients’ convenience we provide the opportunity to pay for products and works in instalments without any increase of the price.

If a client likes and orders a monument in advance, but does not want to install it immediately, does he need to take it away from your place? If such monument is stored by you, how much does it cost?

If you place an order for granite products without installation and concreting works, you can take them away at any time which is convenient for you. The product will be stored at our place free of charge.