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Grave covering

To this day, natural stone hasn’t lost neither its charm, nor its value.

We produce from various types of granite and marble. We transport granite blocks from various countries: Finland, Sweden, Russia, India, etc., as well as cut the blocks with cable machines, polish the slabs with automatic machines, and engage in granite wholesale and retail trade. We have been engaged in production and installation for more than 20 years. Ltd Akmens Menas is a company that performs impeccable work and can provide you with quality services at affordable prices. Prices may depend on certain factors, such as relief, type of stone, size, shape, materials used for decoration, fences, flower beds, etc., but to ensure your reliance on us, we provide long-term guarantees for the work we do.

If you live at a long distance from the cemetery, it can definitely get quite hard to find time to visit and maintain the grave of a loved one. For such reason, some people choose to cover the grave with slabs – that way it requires quite little maintenance. A design with a space for the plants and a granite-tile bypass for an easy access is also a great purchase. It is important to mention that granite comes in a variety of colors, therefore it isn’t difficult to match it to the created look of the grave. For several years in a row, the common trend is to completely or partially cover the grave with granite slabs. The tomb looks modern, exclusive and is definitely not difficult to maintain, because weeds do not grow on stone, they only partially cover the grave, leaving room for plants. Granite is resistant to cold, heat, also mechanical and chemical impact, so it perfectly withstands all weather conditions and lasts for years. Another advantage of granite slabs – an easy burial. Properly designed and installed, slabs are easy to remove, no complex demolition or reconstruction work is required, and once the deceased is buried, the slabs are easily returned to the original location. When planning to bury a traditional coffin rather than an urn, it is important to consider the width of ​​the slabs, so it can be successfully transferred into the pit. The way the grave will look and what it will be made of is all up to your wishes and needs – our job is to make it all come true.
These days, cremation and burial in urns have become an increasingly common phenomenon in Lithuania. There are several options for an urn burial. The surface of the tomb can be covered with a granite slab, under which an urn would be let in. We can engrave a name, a surname, dates, texts, symbols – anything according to your wishes. Of course, it can also be without any inscriptions and instead a traditional monument or plate can be placed next to it. An alternative we offer is the installation of a columbarium. It is often difficult to find one, because either they are simply non – existent or all the places are booked already. We make columbariums for the family grave from granite slabs of your choice. A small area can be left around them for planting plants and flowers. The columbarium, in cooperation with you, would be perfectly adjusted to match the grave design. Because mini columbariums are not yet widespread in Lithuania, such option – a unique, modern and exclusive looking columbarium, surely wouldn’t be bad decision and an addition to the graveyard. Also, one of the benefits of such choice is that usually a columbarium is made out of widely used granite and is visually similar to a traditional monument, therefore it will not spoil the overall image of the cemetery.

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