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3D Engraving on granite

If the monument or the grave is covered with granite slabs, we can decorate with a poem, a portrait of a person or any other pictures, inscriptions you wish.
Got an idea and would like to engrave a text or a 3D image on a stone?Why not? The stone laser engraver works with any type of granite, it is fast work, quality and accuracy. A 3D image transmission on granite is an ideal distinctive feature for your monument. With the help of a laser it is possible to engrave high quality graphic images, patterns, photo portraits. We can engrave any of your idea on stone!
As we walk through the cemetery, we pay attention to those graves that stand out for something. Very often we see names, lines or even pictures engraved on the monument. Engraving on a monument is not just an ornament, it can reflect the personality of the deceased and show some sort of connection with the person.
All people individually choose how they would like the monument to look, which is why we see so many unique monuments in the cemetery, with their exclusive engravings. Our company’s specialists can help you choose the right sizes of engraved names or symbols, depending on how many people will be buried in that graveyard, as well as help you choose the desired font.

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